7 Fascinating Facts That You Should Know About the Stem Cells

Are you familiar with the new medical discovery which is called “stem cells and banking”? If you are not that very much familiar, then these stem cells are a widely known medical discovery that is still receiving different feedbacks and comments from medical experts and even ordinary people. It is also still subjected to various debates to know if its effectiveness as a treatment and if it is safe. Aside from these, there are also some other fascinating facts that you have to know about these stem cells. Read on for you to know what these fascinating facts are.

Below is the list of the fascinating facts about the popular and intriguing stem cells that you must know.

1. Stem Cells Come In Two Major Types
First, stem cells have two major types; these are the embryonic stem cell and adult stem cell. Embryonic stem cell is usually obtained from the embryos or cord blood stem cells which gives sense to its name while, adult stem cell which is also called as the somatic stem cell spreads in the whole body. In spite of being called adult stem cell, it is also found inside the body of a child.

2. Stem Cells Are Used In Different Purposes
Second, unlike sperm stored from a bank, stem cells are commonly used to try out the new invented drugs. Also, it is used in the medical operations that in need for sponsor of organ. These two are just some of the numerous purposes that stem cells have.

3. Adult Stem Cell Restores Lost Muscle and Bone Cells
Third, the adult stem cell is known to restore the lost muscle and bone cells that are caused by injuries, serious diseases, and others. It is mainly because this type of stem cell produces certain replacements for these damaged body tissues.

4. Embryonic Stem Cell Can Possibly Treat Several Diseases
Fourth, embryonic stem cell has a potential to treat several serious diseases and conditions someday. It includes of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, heart disease, injuries in the spinal cord, heart disease, and a lot more. With this, a person who suffers from any of these diseases has a bigger chance that it will not lead to fatality.

5. Embryonic Stem Cell Is Similar To “Starter Cells”
Fifth, embryonic stem cell is similar to “starter cells” because it can turn into another type of human cells. This type of stem cell can usually form into a wide range of type of human cells.

6. Adult Stem Cell Develops To Similar Type of Human Cell Where It Forms
Sixth, adult stem cell commonly develops to similar type of human cell where it forms. For an instance, the adult stem cell that is forming on the muscle tissue can basically produce muscle cells. With that, it makes the adult and embryonic stem cell different from each other.

7. Embryonic Stem Cell Regenerates Themselves By Means Of Cell Division
As compared to the other specialized human cells like nerve cells, embryonic stem cell can regenerate themselves by the means of cell division that takes a long time. It is because this type of stem cell is capable in reproducing rapidly, thus it can provide a limitless source of stem cell that is required for many medical studies and researches and cryopreservation storage facilities.

To complete this article, you can expect that you are now more familiar with this new medical discovery which is the stem cells. With this, you can now give your own feedback and comment on these stem cells. To become fully informed on this medical topic, the right way to do is to do some research or inquire to some medical experts.

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